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Residential building design services from initial Concept through to Approval.

building design PROCESS

01. brief development

Finding the right Building Design Services for you, means finding a Building Designer who is able to understand your vision and make it work within the constraints of budget, site and Council Regulations.

Once an initial understanding of your brief and the complexity of the project is established (which may include an initial Site Visit if within 5km of Caves Beach), Natural Homescapes will provide a Fee Proposal for Services to get your project designed / drafted and approved such that Construction can commence.

Initial Brief Building Design Services
site visit | measure up

02. site visit | measure up

At the Site Visit, we will further discuss your brief. We will then measure up the existing dwelling and photograph and ‘absorb’ existing conditions internally and externally. 

We will look at the property, its orientation. Also what adjoins in neighbouring properties which may affect privacy, overshadowing etc.

If your initial vision is considered likely to have a privacy / overshadowing / view impacts on neighbours, this will be discussed in light of what may need to be adjusted to ensure approval.


Using the brief and information from the site visit, we prepare Preliminary Concept Floor Plans and 3D Modelling. This will often be in relation to the whole site, particularly when a pool or detached garage / shed is included in the brief. We will either email this Preliminary Concept with notation, or come to present and discuss with you.

We will explain any constraints we may have encountered during the Design process, that have led to particular design decisions. Following our discussion and your feedback, the Concept will be amended as required.

There may be some back and forth with this. At this stage you may wish to discuss your project with some builders to discuss potential costings.

Natural Homescapes can provide some ball park figure costings based on the Concept. Where the project does not require Council approval, additional information can be added to the Concept Plans as required to allow enough information for construction.

concept design
design development

04. design development

Once you are happy with the Concept and you are comfortable with the potential costs involved to construct your project, we will prepare Elevations, Sections, Window and Door Schedules and Site Plan for your review.

05. approval

Once you are happy with these plans, the rest of required Documentation to lodge for Approval will be prepared and sent for your review. It will then be lodged on your behalf to Council for DA or to Council or a Private Certifier for Complying Development Approval if that is possible.

Natural Homescapes will liaise with the Approval Authority as required during the process and provide any additional information as/if required. Natural Homescapes will organize for Structural Engineering and other Consultants as required to obtain all the Approvals required before construction can commence, including a Construction Certificate.

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06. interior design

3D Modelling at the Concept Stage will be indicative of the direction you want to take with interior design. Kitchen, Bathroom, Laundry, WIR layouts will be provided. You will then work with a Kitchen / joinery company to detail these further and/or may wish to engage an Interior Designer.

need building design services?

Whether you are looking to build a new home, carry out extensions/additions or renovate an existing space, Natural Homescapes can help guide you through the complexities of the design process. We can assist you with all plans and documentation necessary for Approval through to Construction.